Meet Dani

            My name is Danielle Hawthorne! I began  wearing bonnets around the age of thirteen. However, I could never seem to find bonnets that were of good quality and also attractive. This gave me the idea to begin making my own.  I never imagined that making my own bonnets would have led me to become a young entrepreneur.  I started my company in the summer of 2018, a month after my fifteenth birthday. I accomplished this with the money I earned from my first summer job. 

            I chose to name my brand “Scotch Bonnets by Dani“ as I was inspired by the Caribbean  pepper Scotch Bonnet because of its vibrant variety of colors. Not only does this create a tie-in with my Jamaican roots, but  Scotch Bonnet also identifies with ‘hot’ , a true description of my style of bonnets. My bonnets are colorful, reversible and durable and can be worn wherever and whenever you chose. Scotch Bonnets by Dani will keep you looking hot!